All those who have graduated and defended their dissertation at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and whose doctoral thesis has been approved before the Conferment Ceremony Day, 5 June 2015, can attend.

The bureaucratic process for having the doctoral dissertation approved takes in all about six months. Here below some important dates:

The last meeting of the Faculty Council before the Conferment Ceremony Day is on 2 June 2015.
The last day of submission of material to the meeting mentioned above is on 21 May 2015.
The last possibility (on a Friday) to defend one’s dissertation is on 8 May 2015.

The promovendi usually take part in the conferment ceremony with their spouse or other companion. It is also possible to participate alone (solo). There are two ways of participating: either take part in all the events of the festivities or only in the actual Conferment Ceremony (and its rehearsal).

One can also take part absent (in absentia), in which case the promovendus gets a mention of his or her name in the Conferment Matricula and receives the right to use the insignia of his academic rank (the hat and the sword).

The registration form will be open between 4 December 2014 and 15 April 2015 on the page “Registration“.