Attending the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony is a unique way to celebrate one’s doctoral degree. The fee covers less than half of the expenses, which means that the price for participation has been kept reasonable. The University of Helsinki supports the Ceremony with a considerable sum, as do the sponsors.

The Conferment festivities on 4-6 June include the Conferment Ceremony, the reception of the Rector, two sit-down dinners, a ball with buffet dinner and a night procession with champagne, an outing with buffet lunch, as well as all arrangements and the Conferment Matricula.

The promovendi usually attend the festivities with their spouse or other chosen companion. The participation fee with a companion (avec) is 390 euros. If both are promovendi, each has to pay the fee for single attendance, 270 euros.

It is also possible to participate alone (solo), in which case the participation fee is 270 euros.

One can also take part only in the Conferment Ceremony and its rehearsal, in which case the fee is 80 euros, either with a companion or alone. A final type of participation is in absentia, in which case the promovendus’s name and personal information will be included in the Matricula and he/she gets the right to use the academic insignia. The fee is 80 euros.


Promovendus with companion 390 €
Promovendus couple 270 € + 270 €
Promovendus without companion 270 €
Only Ceremony and rehearsal 80 €
In absentia 80 €