Registration for the Conferment Ceremony is open from 4 December 2014 until 15 April 2015. Also, all doctoral promovendi need to fill in a form for the printed Conferment Matricula, please see for more information below.

The registration is through an electronic form. The last day of registration is 15 April 2015. Also those future doctors, whose public defence is later – but before the Conferment Day on 5 June – have to register by 15 April. Registration is binding. Instructions on the payment of the registration fee will be sent by the end of April to all registered.

In case the name of the promovendus has changed after his or her graduation, this information should be filled in the “Other information” field.

The Conferment Committee will send to all registered doctors a letter with all necessary information, e.g. the final programme and exact dress code. If necessary, a briefing can be arranged in May.

The Committee will edit a printed Conferment Matricula from the personal information the promovendi have supplied. This data should be entered in a separate electronic form in one’s native language. A draft of the text will be available for corrections before the Conferment. The Matricula will be dealt out to all promovendi and guests at the Ceremony. Those conferred in absentia will receive their copies via mail after the Ceremony.