November 13, 2018. HUH-EH Forum: Inna Sukhenko, University of Helsinki


Dear Colleagues,

we kindly invite you to the next Helsinki University Environmental Humanities Forum on
(Tuesday) November 13, 2018, at 14.00-16.00
at the Language Center (Fabianinkatu 26) Seminar Room 403

when Dr Inna Sukhenko, International Postdoctoral Fellow from the Helsinki University Humanities Programme
will give a talk on “Nuclear Criticism: Before and After Chernobyl”

Please kindly see Inna’s discussion paper and a related scholarly article attached to be discussed at the forum.

(KINDLY NOTE: The talk and subsequent discussion is going to be LIVE on Twitter @helsinkienvhum)


Inna Sukhenko is a postdoctoral researcher of Helsinki University Humanities Program, the University of Helsinki. She defended her doctoral dissertation at Dnipo National University (Ukraine). Her current research interests are focused on environmental humanities, energy humanities, ecocriticism, literary energy narratives, nuclear narrative studies. Her special interest lies with “Chernobyl narrative” within ecocritical studies and energy humanities. She contributed to the international projects on ecocriticism and environmental literature studies. She is a member of the Association for Literary Urban Studies (Finland), HELSUS (Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Sciences, Finland), the Finnish Society for Development Research (Finland), Chornobyl Ecological Information Center (Ukraine).

Please kindly follow the link below to learn more about Inna’s work:

Looking forward to seeing (meeting) you!
With kind wishes, Viktor Pál and Mikko Saikku

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