Baikal: The Soviet answer to Pepsi Cola

In 1972 Pepsi Cola production began in the USSR in Moscow, Leningrad, Novorossiysk, Kiev, Tashkent and Tallinn. Sealed containers with beverage concentrate came to the USSR. A little time passed, and Pepsi became a very popular, and scarce. In order to supply the public and show the superioritiy of communism the USSR developed a “retaliatory strike”. Soviets started making their own drink, not superior to Pepsi in taste,and more healthy for the consumer’s health. Soon, the new product was officially registered as Soviet receipe and brand and put on sale. The new drink was called Baikal. It included, water, citric acid, carbon dioxide sugar, various natural essential oils and extracts of medicinal herbs. #boldmakers Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation

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