Research Project YouTube channel up to 5,000 views since January 2020

Since January 2020 I began to post videos on my research project “Pour me a Cold One: Cold War History of Beverage Containers” with the Kone Foundation   and personal interests on YouTube.

I saw this morning in the Studio app that my tube  channel produced 5,000 views since January 2020, which gives a sense of satisfaction and feeling useful via talking about history.

Learning by making, my first camera was a 20 euro Russian Digma that I replaced and now and I got a decent Canon cam and a couple of sticks and stands for better shots. Making videos is lot of fun and hope to get better in it.
A researcher needs to get out of the comfort zone such as not talking to colleagues and students but to a blinking red light and a camera lense.

Check out my footage on Soviet sodas, archives, and buildings I like and subscribe when you wish!


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