IHSEAR – Interdisciplinary Hub for the Study of the Environment and Authoritarian Regimes (formerly known at NED- Network for the Environment and Authoritarian Regimes, 2014-2017)

Date of of commencement: 29.04.2017

Founder and Coordinator: Viktor Pál     CV

Number of members: 27  SEE LIST OF MEMBERS & THEIR CVs

Ongoing projects


Edited volume

Brain, Stephen and Pál, Viktor eds. “Environmental Politics and Policy under Authoritarian Regimes: Myth and Reality”

Publisher: Routledge, Environmental Humanities Series

Expected publication date: December 2018


Journal Special Issue

Viktor Pál ed. “Environmental History and Authoritarian Regimes”

Publisher: Brepols, Journal for the History of Environment and Society.

Expected Publication date: No 1. (2019)



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