About me

Elsa Saarikkomäki

Dr. Soc. Sc., Postdoctoral Researcher

Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy
University of Helsinki

mail: elsa.saarikkomaki(at)helsinki.fi

tel: +358 2941 20872


I am a criminologist and sociologist specialized in areas of crime control, young people, private security, policing, victim surveys and in mixed methods research. I work as postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy of the University of Helsinki.

My current project focuses on crimes against businesses in Finland (Yritysuhritutkimus). I have work experience in comparative international project ‘Experiences of policing among ethnic minority youth in the Nordic countries‘ (University of Turku). My PhD study focused on young people’s experiences of police and private security guards and trust in policing (University of Helsinki). I am a chairperson for Finnish Association for Legal and Social Sciences (OYY).

You can find more information on LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and TUHAT Research Profile.