MIRIPS-FI closing seminar

The closing seminar for the MIRIPS-FI project was held on Thursday, 23rd October 2014 as a part of the 11th International ETMU Days conference in Helsinki.

The symposium under the title “Integration of the Russian-speaking minority in Finland and Estonia” summarized the results found in the MIRIPS-Fi project as well as introduced first findings of the SINI and LADA projects focusing on inter-minority relations in Finland. These perspectives were also broaden with sociological and cross-cultural approaches by our Estonian colleagues.

Presentations held were as follows:ETMU14_Emma

  1. Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti & Tuuli Anna Mähönen: Introduction
  2. Merja Pentikäinen: Significance of Legal and Non-legal Measures in Social Integration Processes as Informed by International Law – with Special Reference to Integrating the Russian-Speakers in Finland
  3. Asteria Brylka: Determinants of inclusive intergroup relations: Findings among national majority and Russian-speaking immigrants in Finland
  4. Emma Nortio & Sirkku Varjonen: On the boundaries of Finnishness
  5. Raivo Vetik: Inclusive acculturation context in the perspective of neo-Weberian cultural sociology
  6. Marianna Drozdova & Aune Valk: Measuring acculturation context


MIRIPS-FI project (2012 – 2014) was funded by Kone Foundation and linked to the international MIRIPS research network led by Professor Emeritus John Berry. Read more about the main objectives of the project here



Social psychological findings of the multidisciplinary MIRIPS-FI project are summarized in the poster that was introduced for the first time in the closing seminar.

Please click the image on the right to view poster in larger size.