SINI (2013 – 2017)

Searching for Inclusive National Identity

This study aims to identify factors enabling both majority and minority group members to find common grounds for a shared sense of national identity. Multi-method and cross-cultural analysis of intergroup relations between Russian minority and national majority in Finland and Estonia will be conducted, as well as an analysis between Russian majority and ethnic minorities and immigrants in Russia. Alongside studying majority-minority relations, this study is the first to simultaneously focus on minority-minority relations and examine the possible ramifications of majority-minority relations on how inter-minority relations are formed between Russians and other minority groups in Finland and Estonia.

SINI project is funded by the Academy of Finland (no 267981). The project also enlarges the scope of the MIRIPS-FI research programme by including the inter-minority relations into an analysis of intergroup relations and by testing the impact of contextual factors on the formation of these relations in Finland and Estonia.