Deliverables and milestones


The project will start with an analysis of the relevant documentation. Detailed institutional maps of the functions of the new higher education profession compared with those of the traditional academic profession will be drawn up. Interviews will vary according to each interviewee’s areas of interest, and highlights of these will be translated into English for purposes of reporting and in order for the results to be available for use in international comparisons.

The material from this study will complement the Changing Academic Profession (CAP) survey data. The CAP data, including the Finnish Country Report,  have provided a clear picture, but the background phenomena require more detailed information. This information is obtainable through qualitative research. These two sets of material would create a link into the interrelationships between the academic community, university structures, and society. With the information from the CAP survey, this study will extend the overall picture obtained of the social changes behind the change in the academic profession. This will extend the context-building viewpoint from the university towards the changes that could occur in the whole society. To date, the CAP survey has provided a unique source of evidence for higher education research and the Finnish discussion on structural reforms of higher education systems.

In 2010-2011 all  interviews will be conducted. Interviews will be conducted in Finnish, Swedish or English, according to the interviewee’s wishes. Each (anonymised) interview will be written up in summary (in English), to provide for the maximum-possible transferability of the information.