In the EUROAC Consortium, the Finnish associated project will focus on the governance theme, and will contribute to themes of academic career settings and professionalisation. The move of governments away from comprehensive control of higher education institutions, the growing strength of managerial power within universities, the rise of evaluative mechanisms, and the increasing use of incentives and sanctions are expected to affect profoundly the status, role and conditions of academics.  So far, there is little evidence to demonstrate how these changes related to governance are viewed and responded to by the academics themselves.

The first year, 2010, is for preparing and undertaking the interviews. The framework for the questions in interviews and the selection of interviewees would be completed by October 2010. The data collection including a literature review started in summer 2009. The interviews will be undertaken in November-December 2010. The second year, 2011, is for undertaking the rest of the interviews and translating the interviews and analysing them. The third year 2012 is for undertaking comparative analysis and distributing the results by publishing them in scholarly journals and by participating in international conferences. The EUROAC-FIN project team look forward to participating in EuroHESC activities.