EuroEnviro 2010 in Austria
Sustainable Lifestyle – Ideas for Consumption and Mobility

I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived to EuroEnviro 2010 that was held in Austria, but it turned out to be a really great experience. Our theme for that year was “Sustainable Lifestyle”, so there definitely was a lot of issues to talk about, and a lot of program: lectures, workshops, debates, excursions, and lots more…
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EuroEnviro 2011 in Croatia
Biodiversity & Urbanism

I can still remember writing my first application to EuroEnviro. It was in 2011 and EuroEnviro was held in Croatia. I was really nervous and didn’t think that my application would ever get accepted. When I got the positive reply, I was extremely happy!
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EuroEnviro 2012 in Slovakia
Conservation is not isolation

“Conservation is not isolation” was the theme of the EuroEnviro 2012 in Slovakia. Beforehand, I wasn’t sure what it would exactly mean, but that question was answered very quickly: great, inspiring and with lots of fun!
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