Organizing team

_MG_8022Iida-Elina Kiminki (coordinator)
Iitu is a masters student in Environmental Science and Policy. During her studies abroad in Scotland and India she focused on the themes of sustainable development. Iitu has participated in two previous EuroEnviros in 2010 and 2012.
_MG_8016Hanna Kitti (treasurer)
Hanna recently graduated from Environmental Economics and minored in multidisciplinary environmental studies. She is interested in interactions between resource utilization and economy as well as applying economic tools to nature conservation and management.
_MG_8011_2Iina Heikkilä (communication)
Iina recently graduated from Environmental Science and Policy with a minor in Development studies. Iina is interested in sustainable lifestyles and voluntary simplicity, and lately she has taken on an interest in environmental communication.
_MG_8021Tuure Parviainen (finance)
Tuure is a Graduate Agronomist who majored in Agroecology (Sustainable Food Systems) and has also studied Environmental Economics. He is the current chairman of Future of Food Association, and his personal interests lie in futurology, grassroots action and photography.
_MG_7999-Edit-EditHeini Karvinen (volunteer coordination)
Heini is a masters student majoring in Environmental Ecology and a dedicated nature enthusiast. Heini attended EuroEnviro 2010 in Austria. Since it was such a great experience for her, she is now happy to take part in bringing it all together again.
_MG_8005Liisa Uimonen (finance)
Liisa is a masters student in Environmental Science and Policy, with minors in Development Studies and Sociology.  She is interested in corporate social responsibility issues and the Mekong Region, and she is a dedicated activist for a more sustainable and equitable world.
_MG_8989-EditKaisa Peltonen (application coordination)
Kaisa is a B.Sc. student majoring in Environmental Ecology. She is especially interested in energy and fuel related issues and believes in sustainability and modesty in everyday life. Kaisa feels closest to the nature when on the shore of a lake or the sea on a warm day.
_MG_8992-EditJenni Heikkinen (finance)
Jenni holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Economics. Jenni’s interests lie in sustainable cultural and economic transitions towards sustainability, urban planning, and local level climate policies.
_MG_9001-EditJenni Nieminen (liaison for MYY ry)
Jenni studies Environmental Science and Policy. In the organizing team Jenni acts as a liaison officer between the team and the Association of Students in Environmental Sciences Myy ry and coordinator for the free time program.
_MG_9006-EditOlga Garmash (finance)
Olga is a Graduate Environmental Engineer and a masters student in Environmental Physics. Olga is interested in raising awareness amongst people, anthropogenic influence on nature, the Arctic, and in science as a tool to reduce environmental risks


Program teams

The contact person for each team in bold.

Transformation of economics Food production in transformation The challenges of urbanization Creating change from grassroots up Free time program
Iina Heikkilä
Jenni Heikkinen
Hanna Kitti
Rene Orbe
Aino Kuitunen
Nic Graig
Elina Nurmi
Jenni Nieminen
Tuure Parviainen
Eetu Virtanen
Xinyu Jiang

Jenni Heikkinen
Heini Karvinen
Olga Garmash
Kaisa Peltonen
Rene Orbe
Steven Collins
Linda Wiksten
Charlotte Nyholm

Liisa Uimonen
Iitu Kiminki
Nicholas Torretta
Jenni Nieminen
Kaisa Peltonen
Riina Haavisto
Reza Esfahani
Minttu Pokkinen
Abdul Ghafar
Xinyu Jiang