• Seppo Kittilä, Principal investigator, head of the project
  • Theoretical and cross-linguistic perspectives on evidentials




Lotta Jalava, post-doctoral researcher (2015–2017, parental leave 2015-2016). Evidential expressions in the Uralic languages and in the Siberian contact area

Erika Sandman, post-doctoral researcher (2014–2018). Egophoricity in the Amdo Sprachbund. Interactional, typological and areal perspectives

Sami Honkasalo, doctoral student (2018). A Grammar of Geshiza.

Research assistants: Satu Keinänen (2015), Niina Väisänen (2014), Kirsi Kauppinen (2017), Mari Saraheimo (2018)

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