Instrucions for power outage

Procedure during a power outage in the Examinarium exam. Go through these instructions before your exam!  

If a power outage interrupts your exam, stay calm. There is no danger. 


Do not leave the exam room if you wish to continue answering the exam in case the outage is over within 5 minutes.  

The computer turns off when the power supply is interrupted. Examinarium has automatically saved your answers. The files that were not attached to exam answers before the outage are not saved.  If the electricity is restored, you can turn on the computer and continue answering. The exam ends at the original time. A power outage does not lengthen the exam time.  


If the power outage lasts more than 5 minutes, you have to leave the exam room. Move carefully and take all your belongings with you. Even if electricity is restored, don’t use elevators.  

Even if the electricity is restored after leaving the room, you cannot go back and continue your exam. When the exam time ends the automatically saved exam answers are submitted for evaluation automatically. Please contact the examiner for a possible retake. 

If the janitors give other instructions or orders, they must be followed!