Exam visit

Instructions for students coming in for an exam visit from other universities

An exam visit means that you take an examination related to a course of your home university in the EXAM facility of some other university.

The exam visit facility of the University of Helsinki is located on the fourth floor of Learning Centre Aleksandria (Fabianinkatu 28): https://www.helsinki.fi/en/helsinki-university-library/welcome-library/library-locations-and-premises/learning-centre-aleksandria

Instrucions for power outage

  • Exam room is normally open Mon-Fri 8.30-19.30 and Saturdays 11.30-16.30.
  • Exceptional opening hours are marked in the booking calendar.
  • Reservations can be made maximum 30 days ahead and new slots open at 02.00 for booking.
  • if your plans change and you are unable to take the exam at the designated time, please remember to cancel your reservation.

Please take the following into account when visiting the EXAM facility of the University of Helsinki (EXAMINARIUM) to take an exam:

Always register for the examination and book an examination time using your home university account credentials in the EXAM system of your home university. Check for any service breaks in your home university’s examination system: exam visits are not possible during service breaks in your home university’s EXAM service, even if you manage to book an examination time.

Online traffic to elsewhere except EXAM has been blocked from the examination computers and only the following software is available during the examination: Windows calculator, Notepad, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Wordpad, Paint. If you need other software to complete the examination, you will not be able to take the examination in the University of Helsinki’s examination facility.

We have no possibility to make any individual or other extra arrangements for the visitors.

The doors to the exam facility are open and the facility is equipped with lockers. You may only take the locker key, your student card and a transparent label-free water bottle with you to the examination computer.

You do not need a password to log in to the examination computer and your home university account credentials are used for logging in to EXAM.

The examination facility is equipped with real-time recording camera surveillance. When you reserve an examination time at the University of Helsinki examination facility, you simultaneously accept the examination rules and invigilation practices. If needed, the recording from the exam situation is delivered to your home university.

Should you encounter any problems, please follow the instructions posted on the facility wall. Real-time support is not available in the examination facilities. If following the instructions does not solve the problem, please contact EXAM support/the examiner at your home university.

Further information is available here.