Adding exam questions

Questions can be created in the exam on the Questions tab or they can be added from the question bank.

The question bank is a collection of the questions created by the teacher. You can create questions directly in the question bank, and they are then available for all your exams.

  • If you use the same question in several exams, the changes you make (excluding points) affect all exams.
  • You can also share the ownership of questions, and then each owner can edit them.

Questions are divided into sections.

  • A section can hold several questions, and you can choose to randomize a specific number of questions for each examinee. In this case, all questions in the section must have the same maximum points.
  • You can also add one or more questions to each section without the randomization, so each student has the same set of questions.
  • In the exam, each section is on a separate page and the section name is visible to the student.

You can add tags to the questions and later use them to search questions. You can attach a file to the question. The exam computer can open either PDF files or pictures.

Adding essay questions

  • Write the question into the text panel. You can format the question with the editor. Do not add links to the question as the students cannot access them with the exam computers.
  • You can add a recommended response length for the essay. The length is only a recommendation and does not restrict the student’s answer, but the students can compare their answers to the recommended length.
  • Choose the grading scale: points or pass / fail. If you choose points, define also the maximum grade for the question.
  • You can add evaluation criteria (e.g. an example answer) for yourself or other evaluators.

Adding multiple choice questions

  • There are two options for multiple choice questions:
    • One correct answer: the student can choose only one of the answers available
    • Several correct answers: the student can choose one or more of the answers available, and the total points are determined by the total number of points from the answers.
  • Write and format the question with the editor
  • Add the answer options and the points
    • One correct answer: choose the correct answer and define the maximum points
    • Several correct answers: define the points for each answer (points or minus points)

Fill-in exercises

Adding questions from the question bank

  • You can add questions you have created earlier to the exam by choosing “Add questions from the question bank”
  • You can search the questions you have created by writing a word contained by the question or a part of the question. You can also search questions by courses, exams, or tags.
  • After you have added the question to the exam, you can edit it by going to “Settings” and choosing “Edit”. If you have the same questions in several different exams, the changes made in question text, answer options (excluding points), and attachments apply to all exams.