Assessing exams

General information

Once a week, you will receive an email round-up of the general examinations in Examinarium that shows if students have registered for your exams and if you have unassessed exams. You can also login to the system to see the current situation. You will always receive an email about personal exams when the student has reserved the exam time and when they have finished the exam.

According to the university regulations on examinations, the assessment time of an exam is one month. After this period, the student should see their grade in Oodi. If there are not many students taking exams, you can assess the exam answers of a month at once. The recordings from the exam rooms are available for one month after each exam.

Study attainments tab

Login to Examinarium with your personal user name.

On Dashboard, you will see a list of your exams. The table columns show you how many exams are waiting for assessment (Unassessed exam papers / Waiting for final assessment) and how many students have registered for your exams (Reservations).

Choose an exam. On the study attainments tab, you can see the exam answers in different phases of assessment:

  • Aborted exams and No-shows. You can release the attempts by clicking the title and choosing
  • Submissions in the assessment process (the assessment has not been started or it is in progress)
  • Assessed submissions (grade has been given but not yet locked, so the examiner can still change the assessment)
  • Locked study attainments (the assessment can no longer be changed and the student has been notified about the assessment).

Assessing exams

  • Open the finished, unassessed exam by clicking the student’s name.
  • At the top of the assessing exams view there is information on how long did it take the student to finish the exam and if they had earlier attempts on the same exam.
  • Then there are the exam questions and the student’s answers. From the drop-down menu, you can assess the answer according to the grading scale you have chosen.
  • You can also give the student more feedback with the Give feedback panel from the top right corner and close it by clicking the red Hide feedback arrow. The comment is saved automatically.
  • Finally, choose the grade from the drop-down menu Exam grade. If necessary, you can also change the exam grade as a partial course grade or define the number of credits.

If your assessment is ready, click Lock the evaluation and notify the student. Examinarium will confirm that “after registering the grade you can no longer change the evaluation”. Click OK and the student will automatically receive an email notification that the evaluation has been completed. The student will see the evaluation in the Examinarium system.

If the grade has been marked as the whole course grade, locking the evaluation will automatically transfer the grade to be registered in Oodi. The teacher collects the partial course grades and then sends the whole course grade for registration. The teacher can also register the grades themselves in Oodi.

If the assessment is not yet ready, click Save. You can then finish the assessment later.

After the assessment  

Assessed exams are available in Examinarium for 12 months. After this, the exams move to the archives, meaning they are deleted from the Examinarium system.

  • If you need the exam answers and grades after this time period, please save the answers and grades yourself.

Distribution of grades from Examinarium exams will not automatically appear in the Course Page. You will get the list of grades out of locked study attainments from the “Study attainments” -page. Choose the exam records you wish to include and select “Create report (.xlsx)”.  A good time for publishing the list of grades is for example at the end of the exam period or at the end of term. You can publish the list for example on the Course Page.