Attachments and calculations

Adding attachments:

  • It is possible to add one attachment per question, max. 50 MB in size. Allowed files are pdf, picture (.gif. .jpg tai .png) and small video clip without audio.
  • There can also be a file visible to all students, containing information related to the whole exam.
  • In Kumpula, special software (Matlab, Geogebra, Marvin Suite, Origin, R ja R studio) is available on a few computers. Files supported by the specific software can be attached to the questions. If a student is allowed or expected to use any of these programs, teacher has to approve it in the settings of the exam. Student may attach a file (max. 50 MB) created with one of these programs. If the use of special software is prohibited, teacher should select the option ”No Matlab, Geogebra etc.” in the settings.

Calculating, drawing and handwriting:

  • There is a Windows calculator available on all computers ( different modes: Standard, Scientific, Programmer, Converter).
  • It is possible to write LaTex with the editor in Examinarium (can be opened up with the Sum button). The editor corresponds to the one on this page: However, it is worth noting that the supporting documents can not be opened during an exam.
  • In Kumpula students can use a digital drawing board (Wacom Cintiq) with a touch pen for producing drawings and calculations on a few computers. Teacher can allow this in the exam settings by selecting the option “Drawing Board” within the special requirements for computers. Students can go and try out the boards before exams begin in the morning, and a teacher may add a test exam for practicing. Suitable software for drawing, handwriting and calculating, found in the exam computers, are Paint and WordPad.
  • Currently, papers and pencils are available only for sketching purposes at the Kumpula Examinarium room. Student has to put drafts in a distinct box for removal before leaving an exam.

Juridical resources:

  • The Finlex database can be accessed with a browser only at Aleksandria exam room K133.
  • During an exam, student opens up a new tab in the browser and navigates to The website is available on three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • It is important for a teacher to select “Finlex” as a special requirement in the exam settings to prevent students from registering for and taking an exam in another exam room where Finlex is not accessible.
  • If the use of Finlex is not permitted in an exam, teacher should select the special requirement “No Finlex” to prevent students from accessing the database.