Designing exam questions

When you design the questions, keep in mind:

  • The exam is divided into sections and to questions within the sections. Sections can hold questions that are for all examinees or questions that are randomized for each examinee.
  • There are four types of questions: essays, multiple choice questions with one correct answer, multiple choice questions with several correct answers, and fill-in exercises.
  • The questions consist of the text and of no more than one attached file. The file can be a picture or a PDF file.
  • The answer can be text with simple formatting like bulleted lists. It is possible to attach files to the answer but at the moment, the software selection in the exam computers restricts answers like this.
  • You can also create a personal exam for specific students and no other students can register for this exam.

The pedagogical planning of the questions

  • Instructions for creating applied exam questions (PDF, in Finnish) (
  • Consider the maximum points of each question. If you want to randomize the questions, choose similar questions with the same maximum points.
  • Pay attention to the equality of the questions within the same section: different questions within the same section should have a similar opportunity for maximum points or a pass.