Exam publication settings

Settings for the Publish-tab of the exam.


  • The exam period (start and end dates): the period where exam times can be reserved
    • When students have registered for the exam, shortening the exam period must be requested from opetusteknologia @ helsinki.fi.
    • Please note that the exam period cannot be longer than the course data (opetustapahtuma) in WebOodi.
  • Exams duration can be either 30 min, 55 min, 1h 55min or 2t 55min.
    • There is no room for being late in the exam; the “lacking 5 minutes” are reserved for leaving the computer and allowing the next student to start their exam on the hour.

Publication settings

  • Maximum attempts before assessment is by default 1. Assessing the exams makes it possible for the student to retake it. The examiner can also release the exam attempt if the student did not show up or aborted the exam. See more detailed information. (Link to the FAQ part 4!)
  • Participants: If you created a personal exam, you have to add every student allowed to reserve exam times for it.
    • The system requires every student to first register on the course in Oodi.
    • The student can be added as a participant after they have once logged in to Examinarium.
  • When the exam is ready, at the end of the page click
    • “Save and publish”, when you want to open the exam for the students
    • “Save”, if the exam is not yet ready to be published or you are editing an already published exam.
    • You can preview the exam to check how the students see it. If you have chosen to randomize the questions, they are randomized in the preview too.