Oodi instructions

Each exam must be linked to the corresponding course in Oodi.

From Oodi, these are automatically available when creating an exam:

  • Course name and code
  • Grading scale
  • Credits (the examiner can change credits in the grading phase)

In order to make a reservation for an exam room, the student must register for the course data of the course in question in Oodi.

  • When the student makes a reservation for an exam time in Examinarium, the registrations are accepted for those course datas that are valid now or in the future.

Is the course data created in Optime? Check the Optime instructions. (https://blogs.helsinki.fi/optime-apu/lukujarjestyksen-suunnittelu/tentit/#exam)

If you create a separate course data for an Examinarium exam, the type chosen is “Examinarium”.

  • Currently it is enough if the student registers for any (unexpired) course data of a course
  • With exam retakes, the duration of the course data can be extended until the end of the exams. Alternatively, exam retakes can have their own course datas.

The study method must be mentioned in Oodi. “The method of the course data” must have the following text:

  • Suoritustapa on Examinarium-tentti. Ilmoittaudu opetustapahtumaan ensin WebOodissa. Varaa sen jälkeen itsellesi tenttiaika ja -paikka Examinariumista: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/fi/artikkeli/tenttiminen-examinarium-tenttiakvaariossa
  • Studieform är tentamen i Examinarium. Anmäl dig först till undervisningshändelsen i WebOodi. Sedan boka tid och plats till tentamen i Examinarium: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/sv/artikel/att-tenta-i-examinarium-tentakvariet 
  • Study method is online examination in Examinarium. First enroll in WebOodi. Then make the time and place reservation in Examinarium: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/article/taking-exams-examinarium-electronic-exam-rooms 

If the exam type is personal (created separately for each student), the student must once login to Examinarium. Only then the student can be added as a participant. In Oodi, the student should be first instructed to login to Examinarium and to then contact the examiner, who will then create an exam for the student.

Whole course grades are automatically transferred to Oodi for registration. The teacher collects partial course grades and sends them for registration. The teacher can also register the grades to Oodi themselves.