First assignments


  • Start to create an album, portfolio or showcase for the course assignments. Include all the required material and text within it. The format of the portfolio may be decided by the student.

2. Two different designs

  • Do at least two different designs/sketches that could be produced with fabric collage. They should show the original picture, and how it is developed into the design. You may edit the picture using a computer if you wish. Study the instructions and design ideas in the study material. Remember the laws of copyright.
  • Include inspiration pictures, sketches, paintings, cards photos, plants and so on in your portfolio, and develop the motifs further.

3. Two experiments with fabric collage

  • Do two minimum 10 cm x 10 cm size practice pieces using the techniques of fabric collage. They may be produced with any of the “approaches A, B and C” explained in the actual study material. Remember to read the finishing instructions.
  • Include your experiments in fabric collage in your portfolio.

4. Write about your experiments and how you went about them

  • Write about the process of making the experimental pieces.