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Abstracts FACE2015 Helsinki (31.3.2015)

Abstracts individually:

Ala-Fossi and Bonet_Clearing the Skies_The Sudden Rise of New European Spectrum Policy and the Future Challenges for Television Distribution in Finland and Spain

Alèn-Savikko and Neuvonen _Copyright-proof Recording Services

Freedman_Media policy norms for a Europe in crisis

Karppinen and Moe_What we talk about when we talk about “media independence”

Harcourt_Media Plurality_What Can the European Union Do?

Helberger_Policy implications from algorithmic profiling and the changing relationships between newsreaders

Hellman_Let’s question the regulations_Lessons from the supervision of placement of TV spots

Herzog and Beck_Policy Experiments in Public Service Media

Hildén_Am I my IP address’ keeper

Jääsaari_Digital Rights Advocacy and the Future of Internet Governance

Lehtisaari_Newspaper industry and media policy_Reacting to changing regulation

Loisen and Pauwels_Leading by example? An Assessment of the European Union’s implementation and operationalization of Cultural Diversity objectives at internal and external level

Michalis_Radio Spectrum Battles in the era of Technological Convergence_Broadcast vs Broadband

Nieminen_Three levels of the media crisis_A way out?

Padovani_Gendering European Communication Governance_The challenge of gender mainstreaming twenty years after Beijing

Picard_Normative intransigence, policy drift, and protectionism_Challenges of contemporary media and communication policy regulation

Puppis_The Role of Communication in Media Policy-Making

Sarikakis_The role of legal consciousness in the governance of Communicative Spaces_Dominance, resistance, normativity

Schejter, Ben-Harush and Tirosh_Re-theorizing the “digital divide”_Identifying dimensions of social exclusion in contemporary media technologies

Simpson_Convergence, Net Neutrality and European Media Policy

Thomass_Public Service Media, Civil Society and Transparency

Trappel_Taking the public service remit forward across the digital boundary

Vartanova_Controversies of post-analogue national policy-making_The case of Russia in 2000s

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