FIBREPRO project team. from left. Jari, Catarina, Elisabete, Hagretou, Kati, Ana, Rossana, Mbugua, Ndegwa

The FIBREPRO project is a consortium of four countries:

  1. Finland (University of Helsinki , Department of Food and Environmental Sciences)
  2. Portugal (Portuguese Catholic University, The College of Biotechnology)
  3. Kenya (University of Nairobi, Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology)
  4. Burkina  Faso (Institut de Recherche en Sciences Appliquées et Technologies Département Technologie Alimentaire (IRSAT/DTA)

Team Finland:

Prof. Kati Katina, Dr. Ndegwa Maina, Dos. Rossana Coda and Phd Student Yagin Wan

Team Portugal:

Prof. Elisabete Pinto, Prof. Ana Gomes, Dr. Ana Pimenta and PhD student Catarina Vila Real

Team Kenya:

Prof. Samuel Mbugua, Dr Catherine Kunyanga and PhD student Hanna Mugure, Msc. Jack-Susan Magu

Team Burkina Faso:

Dr. Dr Hagrétou SAWADOGO-LINGANI, Clarisse DAWENDE COMPAORE PhD student Diarra Compaore-Sereme



FIBREPRO Project Coordinator:

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