The project bows in various directions.

Most notably to the British EARS – ElectroAcoustic Resource Site project; from where also the name is derived – by courtesy of Mr. Leigh Landy.

Closer to home, the world would suffer from serious lack of knowledge about electronic and experimental music without pioneering work in the field of online promoting by pHinnweb initiated and painstakingly maintained by Mr. Erkki Rautio. For 20 years pHinnweb’s example has been a guiding light towards FinEARS.


The ideas for FinEARS site has also been inspired by several current, openly accessible websites such as the following.

An excellent example of a combination of openly accessible repository with a database and sufficient metadata – as well as with a blog for online visibility:
ACC – American Craft Counsil Library Digital Collections
ACC blog

Highly ambitious example by Ricardo Dal Farra’s project:
Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

A few open websites with cultural heritage material are stretching the limits of copyrights and other legal issues. FinEARS aims at overcoming ethical and legal problems presented by these examples:
Open culture
UBUweb – Electronic Music Resources

A few nice examples of official web repositories for materials:
EUROPEANA collections
MIMO – Musical Instruments Museums Online
MACBA – Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
MINIM-UK | Musical Instruments Interface for Museums and Collections

And the Finnish answer to all this:
Elävä arkisto – YLE