Why yet another blog – and eventually yet another research project?

Information, research material and data related to electroacoustic music are scattered around institutional archives, private collections and other miscellaneous locations. In some cases collectors may not be aware of either significance of their set of material or of possibility to deposit material in a repository maintained by a responsible organization. Significant collections have already been destroyed due to lack of sufficient archive space among private collectors. The project is calling upon research and memory organizations as well as private actors (researchers, composers, musicians, engineers, among others) to participate and open their collections. Only digitised copies of documents or native digital files can be archived within this project – not physical artifacts or documents. However, as a side product of the project, links between responsible organizations and private actors may be produced also to facilitate the preservation of physical material.

The project has a multifaceted goal: to facilitate ongoing research, to produce new research, to enable interdisciplinary connections and to strengthen pedagogical expertise.

To facilitate ongoing and future research:
– the development of research tools
– history and analysis (theory and methods)

To review of prior research (history of the discipline):
– the review of the former methods
– annotated bibliographies of prior research literature

Pedagogical issues:
– to facilitate teaching both the history and analysis of electroacoustic music as well as the best practices of research data management

Research Data and Material:
OSR (Open Science and Research) and RDM (Research Data Management) principles, ideology, and tenets considered and met