MT-plugin for SDL Trados Studio released

We are pleased to release a new plugin for SDL Trados Studio that provides machine translation in your translation workflow. The translation engine runs on your local machine and no network connection nor on-line service is necessary. Your data is safe on your local machine. The plugin is officially released and demonstrated at the University of Helsinki on August 29 at 10AM in the language center in room S204. (slides1, slides2)

fiskmö translator

We released our first prototype of a public translator for Scandinavian languages and Finnish. This features a baseline model trained on public data sets. Please, help us to improve the engine. You can do that simply by uploading more data that we can use for learning better models. You can provide translated documents in a variety of formats and also submit URLs of translated webpages! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Your data will be safe on our servers and we will not distribute anything further without your explicit permissions. As a benefit, you will get sentence-aligned translation memories back from the documents you provide. Contact us if you have any questions and feedback is very welcome as well!

Merry Christmas and happy new fiskmö year!