MT plugins for SDL Trados Studio and memoQ

Fiskmö MT plugins are available for SDL Trados Studio and memoQ. The translation engine runs on your own machine and does not require any on-line services or even an Internet connection. Your data is safe and stays with you. There’s no need to transfer data to any external servers. The plugins can be downloaded from the following page, which also provides installation instructions: Fiskmö plugin repository. In addition to Finnish to Swedish and Swedish to Finnish, the plugins support a very wide selection of other language directions available through the OPUS-MT repository. (The older versions of the Fiskmö plugins can be downloaded from here).

Public GitLab repository

The Fiskmö project has a GitLab repository that contains all the data that is available to the general public. Currently, it contains over 3 million translation units of data.

Finnish–Swedish datasets in OPUS

In addition to the data in GitLab, the Fiskmö project uses the bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) data in the OPUS corpus. For example, the whole contents of Finlex are available for download, Finnish and Swedish aligned.

The public Machine Translator

The general Machine Translator of Fiskmö is open for everyone to use. It can translate between Finnish and Swedish/Norwegian/Danish.

Web crawled data

In Fiskmö, we also crawl the web for public bilingual data. We will release a large collections of parallel sentence pairs that we extract from the crawled data. The first public release is out in our GitLab repository. More data is on the way. Stay tuned!