We invite papers addressing the following and other research questions and research methods:

  • Theories of practice and their application as a method for analyzing consumer politics, eating habits and food consumption
  • Instances of cultural / culinary contact by observing patterns of transfer through linguistic contact and interaction, or via social or printed media
  • Representations of food (food writing in books and  blogs, for example) the analysis  of which can  focus on the study of the relations between words and images or on the study of food writing as a mode of writing that utilizes traditional of genres such as  recipes, journalism, memoir, and travelogues.

Examples of special topics and themes:

  • Study of ‘ethnic’ and regional foods
  • Subcultures around food issues in terms of lived experiences and the performances of individual and collective identities
  • The cultures of ‘the table’
  • Home meals, fast food and supermarket ‘home meal replacements’
  • ‘Grazing’ and ‘snacking’ as a social and nutritional practice
  • Food advertising and food media
  • Sustainable food communities
  • The local food movement
  • Consumer choices related to ethical questions, sustainable consumption, and animal welfare
  • The food industry and governmental food policy

We invite contributions from individual researchers relevant to these themes in English. We also invite proposals for panels.

The abstract should consist of no more than 700 words. It should also include the name of the contributor, institutional affiliation, biography (max. 200 words) and a list of no more than ten recent and relevant publications. The panel proposal should include the title and description of the panel, the panel members’ abstracts, biographies, and publications.

Deadline for abstracts is 31 January 2015.

Mail your abstract or panel proposal to food-conference[at]

* The conference participants are requested to make their own travel arrangements. Unfortunately we are not able to assist with conference travel or accommodation. There are no travel grants for the conference. *

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