Published datasets or scripts for download, or links to digital repositories.

1. TRADER: A package for tree ring analysis of disturbance events in R. Link to paper, and package (in CRAN).

2. Demonstration material for R beginners, with examples in dendroecology. Download zipped demo file.

3. R functions for computing tree stem volumes.  Run the following script in R to load functions for computing volumes for a tree stem, or any part of a tree stem (note if you copy the text to R, the quotes may not copy correctly):


Or download the script here (right-click, save as…).

The computations employ volume integrals of tree stem taper, which makes it possible to easily compute the volume for any part of a tree stem, if tree diameter and intact height are known. Functions are included for Abies balsamea and Picea mariana (Quebec), and Pinus sylvestris, Picea abies, and Betula spp. (Finland).

Relationship between tree diameter, and the remaining standing volume from northern Finland.

Relationship between tree diameter, and the remaining standing volume. Data from northern Finland, including pine, spruce, and birch.