Group members

Dr. Timo Kuuluvainen (PI,  forest disturbance ecology, restoration and ecosystem management)

My researcKuuluvainen Timo295h focuses on the fundamental interactions between structure, dynamics and biodiversity of the Boreal forest. My special field of study is forest disturbance ecology. Besides basic ecology, my current research is focused on using ecological understanding to develop methods of restoration and ecosystem management of the Boreal forest. Besides academic research and teaching, I am actively involved popularization of forest ecology and in consulting both governmental agencies and forestry organizations in issues related to sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation.

Dr. Tudendro1omas Aakala (PI, natural forest dynamics, dendrochronology)

I completed my PhD in 2010, and currently work in the group as a university researcher. My main research interests are in the structural dynamics (tree growth, regeneration, mortality and wood decomposition) of forests at different spatial and temporal scales, tree line dynamics, as well as the application of dendrochronological methods in their study.

Dr. Junichi Fujinuma (Visiting researcher, plant population ecology, functional and conservation biogeography)

I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of the Ryukyus (Japan). Currently, I am visiting and working in the group on a joint study of forest gap geometries across the globe. Throughout my research career, I have been broadening my focus from population to community and from fundamental to conservation ecology, also shifting from East Asian tropics to the globe.


nikoNiko Kulha, M.Sc. (PhD student, natural boreal forest dynamics)

My research interests lie within the studies of change and diversity dynamics in boreal forests over multiple spatial and temporal scales. Luckily, this is just what my PhD-project focuses on! In the project, we work with tree ring reconstructions, aerial photo analysis and Bayesian inference. I have M. Sc. in geography from the University of Turku.