Past projects

Cross-scale patterns in natural forest dynamics

Changes in forest development and structure may occur at a number of spatial scales. Changes at one scale, for instance due to climate change or disturbances may mask changes occurring at other scales. Thus, the analysis of forests’ response to environmental changes requires analysis across different spatial scales. The problem in evaluating forest ecosystem change is in the slow nature of many of the processes, such as tree growth and stand succession. Fortuitously, several techniques exist that can overcome these limitations, including analyses based on tree rings and historical aerial photographs. Combining these two sources of information, this project explores forest dynamics over time at different spatial scales, ranging from individual trees to entire landscapes. The aim is to assess the differences and similarities across these scales in the natural forests of northern Finland and northeastern Quebec, and to identify the factors responsible for the observed development.

PI: Tuomas Aakala

Duration: 01.09.2011-31.08.2014

Funder: Academy of Finland