FOR-260 (GIS202 & RS201)

FOR-260 Advanced remote sensing in forest sciences (5 op)

  • Code FOR-260
  • Timing: I period, odd years
  • Preceding studies: ME-232
  • Replaces the course RS201 (83424) Remote Sensing 2 5 op or
    GIS202 (87443) Lasermittaukset ympäristön kartoituksessa 5 op.


The course focuses on 3D remote sensing (RS) technologies and applications in forestry,


Lectures: 3D remote sensing methods: laser scanning, photogrammetry, SAR-interferometry & -radagrammetry. Acquisition and interpretation of different types of 3D-RS data.

An important part of the course are obligatory exercises: Management, processing and utilization of 3D remote sensing data, especially from laser scanning in forestry applications.

Programs: TerraScan, ArcGIS, Lastools & R-software in 3D point cloud handling.

Study material and literature

  • 1) Holopainen, M., Hyyppä, J. & Vastaranta, M. 2013. Laserkeilaus metsävarojen hallinnassa. Helsingin yliopiston metsätieteiden laitoksen julkaisuja 5.
  • 2) Shan, J. & Toth, C. (Eds.). 2009. Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning: Principles and Processing. pp. 335-370
  • 3) Maltamo, M., Naesset, E. & Vauhkonen, J. (Editors). 2014. Forestry applications of airborne laser scanning. Concepts and case studies.


K 20 – H 80 – R0 – I 35


Exam (50%) and execises (50%)

Other information

Teaching in Finnish, can be completed in English.

Responsible person

prof. Markus Holopainen

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