CamGrow and Woven

Cambial growth in Scots pine and Norway spruce during a growing season (CamGrow)
Academy of Finland 2007-2009

Wood formation under varying environmental conditions (Woven)
A WoodWisdom-ERA-NET project 2008-2011

Research team:

University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Ecology:
Annikki Mäkelä, Eero Nikinmaa, Teemu Hölttä, Pauliina Schiestl-Aalto

Harri Mäkinen, Pekka Nöjd, Tuula Jyske, Helena Henttonen

Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (NFLI):
Oystein Johnsen

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (INA)

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU):
Sune Linder, Björn Sundberg

The objective of this study is to increase our understanding of the dynamic interplay between environmental and genetic factors as they affect cambial activity in Norway spruce and Scots pine during the growing season. To accomplish this objective, the project will (1) improve the microcoring and sample preparation techniques, (2) analyse the effects of environmental variables on cambial growth, (3) analyse the effects of water availability on xylem formation using data from an artificial drought experiment, (4) analyse the effects of genetic origin on cambial growth, and (5) analyse the effects of water tension on phloem transport and cambial growth, (6) model the availability of photosynthates during the growing season for the selected study sites, and (7) formulate a dynamic model describing cambial growth with whole-tree physiology.


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