Annikki Mäkelä

I am professor of silviculture at UHE Departement of Forest Sciences, specialising in forest production. My basic training is in applied mathematics and physics, but I did my PhD (1988) in forest ecology and have been working on forest ecological modelling since.

The primary objectives of my work have been: (1) to increase understanding of the growth, production, and population dynamics of boreal forests, (2) to translate the advances in knowledge into quantitative models, and (3) to make eco-physiological theory and knowledge more readily usable in practical applications. The research method that pervades much of this work has been the construction of mathematical models. These are used to express biological hypotheses, derive and analyse their implications, and test the results against independent measurements. Using this method, a family of dynamic, eco-physiologically based models  of the growth and production processes have been developed which combine tree and stand structure and function at different spatial and temporal scales. Applications of the models to forest management have been emerging in the last few years, including predictions of timber yield and quality, growth of mixed stands, and impacts of environmental drivers on forest productivity.

Current projects: WOVEN, SusEn, ISTO, CC-TAME

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