Leila Grönlund

I started my forestry studies at the University of Helsinki in 2005, with forest ecology as my main subject. Now I´m about to finish my master´s studies and aim to graduate in spring 2011. I have been working my master´s thesis under the guidance of Professor Annikki Mäkelä. My target has been to find out, how climate change affects the number of drought days in Finland during the growing season.

I have investigated this matter in nine locations, which are situated across Finland. These nine forests include both spruce and pine forests from different forest types. The number of drought days has been estimated by using simple “bucket model” that calculates the daily soil water content. Model works on the principle that precipitation and snow melt increase the amount of soil water, while drainage and evapotranspiration decrease it. Input data consists of weather data and different soil parameters that define water retention characteristics. Soil parameters can be calculated when soil texture in research areas is known.

The comparison between current and future climate, in terms of drought days, has been made using measured weather data in the first calculation and predicted weather data in the second one. Weather prediction at the end of this century was based on a report published by ACCLIM-project, which has been set up to broaden the climate information basis available for the Finland´s Research Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change (ISTO).


Grönlund, L. 2010. Metsämaan vesitaseen muutokset Suomessa ilmaston muuttuessa vesimallilla ennustettuna. Master´s thesis. University of Helsinki, department of forest sciences.

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