Pauliina Schiestl-Aalto


I´m in the beginning of doctoral studies.  My research topic is the timing of growth and carbon use of pine within one year, which was also the topic of my master’s thesis.  I’m studying and modelling the effects of environmental factors, especially temperature, on the seasonal and daily patterns of growth. Different components of a tree (needles, stem, roots) are studied separately. Growth is thought as a process that is limited by either photosynthesis (source) or sink strength. Sink strength is assumed to depend on the inherent status of the tree and further the status of the growth process (the stage of development), temperature and other factors (tree size, habitat…).The aim is to form a carbon balance model that combines the sources and sinks of carbon of one tree during a year. Changes in environment cause changes in carbon balance. The purpose is to increase our understanding about mechanisms that control timing and patterns of growth.


Schiestl-Aalto, Pauliina 2009. Männyn kasvun ja hiilenkäytön ajoittuminen vuoden aikana (Master’s thesis). University of Helsinki, department of forest ecology.

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