Tuomo Kalliokoski

My background is in forest ecology and silviculture (MSc, Faculty of Forestry, University of Joensuu). In my ongoing doctoral project, I study and model the root architecture, morphology and anatomy of Silver birch, Norway spruce and Scots pine in mixed forest conditions. Within this project, I’ve also been studying the belowground competition and functionality of these species in terms of fine roots and ectomycorrhiza characteristics, and their relation to the site fertility and stand age. Naturally, all kind of things dealing with belowground compartments of trees are of interest to me.

Lately, I have worked on the intra-annual pattern of wood formation in stems of Norway spruce and Scots pine. My main interest has been to find out how environmental factors regulate the cambial growth and cell differentiation processes. The importance of seed source latitude for timing of wood formation and the possible effect of projected climate change in this process has been studied using data from an old provenance experiment .  

In this group, my task is to further develop and parameterize the description of the radial growth in the model, in which radial growth, shoot length growth, and needle growth are modelled.

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