Tommaso Beggio

Beggio_NESDr. Tommaso Beggio (1983) achieved a specialistic degree in History of Roman Law at the University of Trento (Italy) and then a Ph.D. in “Diritto romano e Cultura Giuridica Europea” (“Roman Law and European Legal Culture”) at the University of Pavia.

Since 2008, he worked as a collaborator of the Chair of Institutions of Roman Law, Roman Law and History of Roman Law at the University of Trento, held by Prof. Massimo Miglietta, teaching a course on criminal law and criminal process in Ancient Rome during 2010.

His research interests include Roman Law, Latin Epigraphy and History of Roman Law, with a particular attention to the topics of the Roman Public and Criminal Law, on which he recently published a paper on an italian Law journal.

In 2010 he won a grant to partecipate at the VIII Collegio di Diritto Romano of CEDANT, held in january of the same year at the Almo Collegio Borromeo at Pavia.

His dissertation deals with the so-called Aes Italicense or Senatusconsultum de sumptibus ludorum gladiatorum minuendis, an epigraphical source, and it was composed partially during two research visits, one to the Leopold-Wenger Institut of the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität at Munich, the other to the Institut für geschichtliche Rechtswissenschaft of the Ruprechts-Karls-Universität at Heidelberg. His work is a comment and analysis of the text, but it also treats some questions connected with it, with particular regards to the Ancient Roman Law (as in the case of auctoramentum) and to Criminal and Public Roman Law. About the latter he has recently published a paper in the miscellaneous volume Atti del VI. Treffen Junger Romanisten (Lecce, 30-31 Marzo 2012).

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