Ended research and development projects

Dwelling with the City – Children and young people as participating residents (2011–2015)

Dwelling with The City is a four-year research project funded by the Academy of Finland as part of its research programme The Future of Housing and Living. The principal investigator is Professor Sirpa Tani at the Department of teacher education in the University of Helsinki (Finland). The objective of the project is to produce in-depth understanding of the ways in which young people grow co-existing with their everyday life environments.
DwtC homepage

PI professor Sirpa Tani. Other members of our research group: PhD Pauliina Rautio, MSc Reetta Hyvärinen, MSc Noora Pyyry.

Enhancing Sustainable Urban Development through Ecosystem Services – ENSURE (2011–2014)

ENSURE contributes to a revised conceptualisation of sustainable urban development by better integration of ecosystem services into the urban planning paradigm by filling the gap between natural and social science approaches. Our research group contributes to the project creating relevant knowledge about young people’s understanding, attitudes and values concerning the urban environment and the role of ecosystem services as part of it.
ENSURE homepage

PI in the Department of Teacher Education: professor Sirpa Tani. Other members of our research group: MSc Iida Välimaa. Leader of the research programme: Adjunct professor, PhD Susanna Lehvävirta, Urban Ecology Research Group.

Mistä olet? | Where are you from?

PIs Liisa Suomela and Hannele Cantell.
In co-operation with the teacher unions of biology, geography and Finnish. The aim has been to support and motivate engagement with cultural environments.

Nettikartta | Internet map

PIs Pirjo Hellemaa and Liisa Suomela.
Nettikartta is an interactive map application targeted to the early years of primary school and presenting the close by environments of schools. The pilot-phase of Nettikartta in schools took place in 2009 in the Helsinki area.

Vattaja Dune-Life (2005-2009)

PI Pirjo Hellemaa.

Emotional Geographies, Everyday Life and Young People (2009-2010)

PI professor Sirpa Tani. Funded by Academy of Finland.

Spaces of Living, Learning and Well-Being: Meanings of Environment in Children’s and Young People’s Lives (2009)

PI professor Sirpa Tani. Funded by Maj and Tor Nessling foundation.

Environmental Education: Creating Sustainable Futures. Multidisciplinary Research on Environmental Values, Active Citizenship, and Multiculturalism (2005-2007)

PI professor Sirpa Tani. Funded by Maj and Tor Nessling foundation.