Petteri Muukkonen starts as a director for master’s programme in Urban Studies and Planning (USP)

The new term of directors for bachelor’s and master’s programmes begins on January 1st 2021. Senior lecturer Petteri Muukkonen will start as a new director for interdisciplibary and international master’s programme in Urban Studies and Planning (USP). The term of new directors lasts from 2021 to 2024.

The USP master’s programme is an ambitious common study programme between the University of Helsinki and the Aalto University. In addition, in the University of Helsinki totally four faculties are part of the team behind the USP master’s programme. The study programme combines together professionals from various aspects of urbanity, urban issues, and urban planning.

In the intranet news of the Faculty of Science the vice dean Hannu Toivonen said that: “We have a great composition of degree programme directors in the Faculty of Science. One half of directors change now, bringing new ideas to the programmes and our education. The changes also increases the number of teachers in the faculty who have gained experience and vision on education at leadership level.” [the original University of Helsinki intranet news article was written by Susan heikkinen, Faculty of Science (24.11.2020)].

When interviewed by Susan Heikkinen, Petter said his goals for the four year period as a director are to strengthen the status of the programme as a multidisciplinary degree programme that is organized and managed together with several faculties. Petteri continued that: “My goal is also to strengthen and support the graduation process and thesis supervision processes in the programme so that graduation times and number of finalized theses will be improved. And ultimately, one aim is to raise the reputation of this degree programme as a high quality choice internationally if one wants to become an academic expert in urban issues and urban planning. The better the reputation is, the higher is the amount of excellent applicants for the programme.

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