GEO^2 enters the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme

MSc Programme in Geology and Geophysics will take part in the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme (HITP) in the 2021-2022 season.

HITP is a mentoring programme intended for international MSc degree students who come to study in the MSc programmes at University of Helsinki. The programme is coordinated by the University of Helsinki career services and it organizes its activities in collaboration with external partners to introduce the international students to the Finnish job market and working culture.

Employment of international graduates in Finland has been discussed frequently in the public forums in recent years (see for example web article Jan 18, 2021), and it is also in the focus of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Talent Boost programme.

The broad field of geosciences offer plenty of domestic career opportunities for our international graduates. Hopefully, through participation in HITP they will become more visible in the future and create new paths for employment to the GEO^2 mentees.

We at GEO^2 are enthusiastic of this opportunity to take part in HITP in the coming year and hope it will attract interest from our international students and external partners as well!

More information for potential external mentoring partners can be found here (in Finnish):

For students interested in participating in this year’s HITP, more info can be found from the HITP blog.

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