Bedrock sites in Southern and central Lapland

Peräpohjan ja Keski-Lapin kallioperäkohteita

Bedrock sites in Southern and central Finnish Lapland


2 Ga Dolomite and quartz schist layers folded against a reverse fault, Kalkkimaa quarry, Tornio


Tor formations, Pyhä-Nattanen

These formations with weak/no glacial erosion have a weathering surface predating the last glacial period and are situated in the Late Weichselian SIS ice divide zone.

More information e.g.:

Darmody, R. G., Thorn, C. E., Seppälä, M., Campbell, S. W., Li, Y. K., & Harbor, J. (2008). Age and weathering status of granite tors in Arctic Finland (~ 68 N). Geomorphology94(1-2), 10-23.