Kateryna Yuhai

Kateryna is our new intern with a sustainable economic development background. She is currently studying a Master’s program in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics and is passionate about breaking the path of business as usual practices for more environmental-friendly entrepreneurship.

Last decade Kateryna spent in China, where she studied Chinese language and Business Management, and received an Outstanding Graduate 2019 reward at the NUIST. She worked at the China-Finland cooperation Tech company at the Zero Waste State-of-Art recyclable site at the steel mill. Life in Asia was an unforgettable experience, where you can feel the enormous environmental consequences of climate change. She’s been through floods, droughts, excessive heat waves and air pollution over 700 points… This is why she is on her path of braking the vicious circle of depleting resources of our planet.

From her point of view, environmental responsibility should be taught from a very young age. Hence, she was interested in becoming a team member of the Global Campus. Quality education for young people is our legacy for a better, greener future.