Seminar Program

24 March 2022

9:00 – 9.30 Coffee and registration


9.30 – 11.00 Opening and 4 presentations, Chair: Laura Ruotsalainen

      • Opening, Sasu Tarkoma, University of Helsinki 
      • Opening and “Advanced RFI Detection, Analysis and Alerting System II (ARFIDAAS II)”, Laura Ruotsalainen, University of Helsinki
      • “European Union’s Galileo and its PRS”, Jari Hänninen, Traficom
      • “The ARFIDAAS system design and operation”, Aiden Morrison, Sintef
      • “Jammer Fingerprinting”, Titti Malmivirta, University of Helsinki


 11.00 – 11.20 Coffee break (Sponsored by NNF)


 11.20 – 12.20 3 presentations, Chair: Nadia Sokolova

      • “GNSS Jamming & Spoofing Attacks, Techniques, Countermeasures”,  Stefan Söderholm, Septentrio
      • “GNSS interference by space weather storms”, Kirsti Kauristie, FMI
      • “Using the Swedish CORS Network to detect GNSS interference, results from tests and measurements”, Mikael Alexandersson, FOI


12.20 – 13.20 Lunch break


13.20 – 14.40 Panel : 10 min presentations and 40 min discussion, Moderators: Laura Ruotsalainen and Aiden Morrison

      • “GNSS – Threats and Countermeasures”, Philipp Richter, uBlox
      • “R&D Activities on Resilient PNT at Finnish Geospatial Research Institute”, Zahidul Bhuiyan, FGI
      • “GNSS interference from authority point of view”, Osku Kärki, Traficom
      • “PNT& GNSS Testing Techniques to Mitigate Risk”, Robert Burke, Orolia


14.40 – 15.00 Coffee break


15.00 – 16.20 4 presentations, Chair: Aiden Morrison

      • “Interference detection, localization, and mitigation in GNSS”, Simona Lohan, Tampere University
      • “GNSS anomaly monitoring”, Arul Elango, University of Helsinki
      • “Analysis of a full year of multi-band RFI data from multiple sites in Europe”, Nadia Sokolova, Sintef
      • “SWEPOS data quality monitoring – GNSS signal interference and disturbance monitoring system”, Kibrom Ebuy Abraha, Lantmäteriet


16.20 – 16.30 Closing remarks