Mykhailo Romanov joins GULAGECHOES team

Both the Horizon 2020 GULAGECHOES and Academy of Finland Yugoslavian Penal Nationalism project were delighted finally to be able to welcome Mykhailo Romanov to the Aleksanteri Institute for one month’s study leave.

Mykhailo Romanov (right) and Brendan Humphreys

Mykhailo is joining both projects for the next  two years, funded by an Academy of Finland grant for Ukrainian scholars. As Mykhailo is of an age to be mobilized into the Ukrainian armed forces, he will only be able to make occasional short-term visits to Helsinki. In addition to his university post as Associate Professor of the Penal Law and Criminology department of the Yaroslav Mydriy National Law University (Kharkiv) and Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Mykhailo works on a voluntary basis with the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection NGO, which among other projects, is engaged in preparing reports on the human rights violations in the liberated territories in Kharkiv oblast. Whilst here Mykhailo is working on joint comparative articles with Judith and Brendan, on the Ukrainian prison system, and developing networks with human rights lawyers.

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