Robot Videos

ERICA and WikiTalk

ERICA and WikiTalk (2019)

ERICA the female android robot talks about ancient Greek, robots, artificial intelligence and androids using Wikitalk with English Wikipedia.

CityTalk Tokyo 2020

CityTalk Tokyo 2020 (2018)

The robot tells about hotels and restaurants in Tokyo Waterfront near the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Graham Wilcock with a talking robot

Multilingual WikiTalk (2016)

A multilingual robot talks about Shakespeare in English and Japanese, switching languages on request.

Sami-speaking robot

SamiTalk (2016)

The world’s first Sami-speaking robot talks about the situation of Sami languages in Finland using information from Sami Wikipedia.

Finnish-speaking robot at home

Finnish WikiTalk (2015)

At home with a Finnish-speaking robot who talks fluently about many topics using information from Finnish Wikipedia.

CityTalk Cambridge

CityTalk first demo (2017)

The robot tells about hotels and restaurants in Cambridge using PyDial from University of Cambridge.

MoroTalk Finnish news-reading robot

MoroTalk first demo (2015)

A Finnish-speaking robot tells local news about Tampere city in Finland using online news feeds of the Aamulehti newspaper.

WikiTalk first demo

WikiTalk first demo (2012)

The first demo of WikiTalk on Nao robots at International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces in Metz, France in 2012.