5 June 2012

Information on the proceedings is now available.

5 March 2012

The final programme is now available.

2 March 2012

The (almost final) programme is now available.

29 December 2011

Registration is now open.

23 December 2011

A provisional programme is now available.

12 December 2011

The title of Professor Lynda Mugglestone’s plenary is “Life-Writing; the Lexicographer as Biographer”.

1 November 2011

The title of Dr Philip Durkin’s plenary is “Loanwords from Latin and/or French in Middle English and early modern English: Theoretical and methodological issues”.

18 October 2011

A tentative schedule is now available.

17 October 2011

The deadline for abstracts has been extended to 11 November 2011.

The topic of the plenary by Professor Michael Adams will be “DARE, dialect, and techniques of historical lexicography”.

A map showing the venue and other points of interest is now available.

22 May 2010

Conference dinner will be held at Restaurant Wärdshuset on Friday 8 March.


The restaurant is located in the village of Fiskars, home for more than a hundred creative arts professionals. We will have a chance to visit the ceramist Karin Widnäs at her home before the dinner.


We are delighted to announce our plenary speakers Professor Lynda Mugglestone (Pembroke college, Oxford), Professor Michael Adams (University of Indiana, Bloomington), and Doctor Philip Durkin, Principal Etymologist for the Oxford English Dictionary (listen to a recent interview).